How to Make Pure CSS Images to Progress With Design-Focused Frontend Development

An exhaustive crash course on mastering pure CSS images

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Pure CSS images are much more than having fun with CSS. While they are incredibly fun and addicting to make, they also develop very important skills that can give you a unique edge as a frontend developer.

Here are some of the main benefits of learning pure CSS images:

  • Practice core CSS skills
  • Learn important design principles such as layout, shapes, color, & more
  • Develop a mindset of breaking problems into smaller pieces
  • Increase confidence and creativity

More specifically, here's what we will cover in this course:

  • Creating your first pure CSS image
  • Picking out a bold color palette
  • Gathering inspiration and breaking down images into shapes
  • Using SCSS and Pug to organize your code
  • Getting started with CSS animations
  • Adding extra pop with Vue.js
  • Working with multiple images in pure CSS
  • Optimizing pure CSS images for mobile devices

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Mike Mangialardi
Mike Mangialardi

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, I went on a journey trying to find my particular niche in the world of development. I eventually discovered a love for frontend web development with a particular focus on design.

With impostor syndrome conquered, I want to help others to feel rush of becoming a coding artist.

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